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“Close your eyes.

Look around you and tell me what you see.”


“I see people.

People with heads made of clay. People carrying bags full of paper constantly looking at their watches that’s made of gold… yet, the numbers on these watches aren’t there. They glance past things with a sweep of their eye, never really looking.

I see beggars dressed like gods in clothes made of paper yet priced like diamonds. They carry with them empty pockets. And whenever they smile, they grit their teeth. Like something very painful is going on, on their heads.


I see boxes… with light… white light… and the people are preoccupied with it, continuously staring at it like their whole life depends on it. They look for the box in their sleep, while they eat or shower. I see chains, dangling and crisscrossing everywhere, like everybody is tied with one other. They look choked up.


I see flowers… once bloomed but are now scattered like leaves, lifeless on the ground. Dragged by the wind into the trash, mingling with the garbage. It is a paradise of white and gray. Of black and a darker black. Pavements are made of spiky glass and slippery filth. This is their kingdom.”


“Now open your eyes and look at the mirror, tell me what you see.”


“My head is made of clay.”


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