The complications of the mind unfolds,

As judgment and perception builds in,

When letters unite,

And concepts coincide.

Ideas incorporate,

And feelings integrate.


In the depth of each clause,

The perplexity of each prose,

Mysteries lie hidden,

Beneath the abstract words.


What happens when the mind,

slowly becomes jaded?

What happens when the imagination,

gradually runs dry?

What happens when vast wordstock,

suddenly becomes burned out?

What will be of the wit,

of the artistry,

of the mental agility?


What will be of the heart that weeps?

What will be of the mind that’s thrilled?

What will become of joy?

What will become of remorse?


For in the glory of rhyme we find bliss,

And in the lyrics, we ease.

But what happens when the brain goes jaded,

And the imagination becomes exhausted?


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