The Battle (October 21, 2014)


You don’t understand

Said the heart to the brain

And the heart continued

To cry in pain

It ached

And ached

And ached a little more

But continued to cling

To hope once more


The brain wept silently

But held his pride

He said he’s willing

To give up the fight

No use in holding on, he said

And so the heart remained to bleed


What is it with him

That you adore so much

Why would you just not

Accept it and hush

Just look around, give it time

You’ll have somebody

You will call “mine”


“No!” the heart said

Weeping once more

There’s only one him

That I will adore

Maybe today isn’t just my time

Maybe tomorrow I’ll call him mine


And so the battle

Of the heart and the brain

Pursued much longer

But who is to blame?

Is it the heart

That refuses to give up

Or is it the brain that thinks

And wants the aching to stop?




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