Untitled 2

I’ve been there, I’ve done that.


Cold nights, 3:00ams and shared silence have been my best friends not so long ago.

Snores used to be my lullaby. The flicker of my screen, my soothing night light. I’ve had my share of the most refreshing 2-hour sleeps and the addicting light-headedness brought by the joy of waking up to a peacefully distorted morning face. It was ecstasy.


I lived to write letters about love, hope and faith… I breathed the magical air of imagination, constantly being lost in a world I have created for us. I learned to love and understand the distance and let my soul drift away to the joy of anticipation. I grew more than I intended to.


I learned to deal with the pain of waiting. I accepted things that I couldn’t change and gave way to somebody else’s happiness even if it meant not having anything for my own… and I grew much more.


I’ve been there, I’ve done that…

Then why don’t I ever learn?


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