In owe

I was young.

I was a scholar.

I was the breadwinner of the family.

And I was pregnant.


If I had a one-time super power to teleport to another country, another continent or maybe another planet, I wouldn’t have second thoughts of using it right after my mother confirmed that she will be a grandmother soon than she is prepared to be. It was the longest afternoon in my life.

Being the eldest of three, my parents had so many hopes for me. I was taking up an engineering course at a well-respected university. They relied on me on helping them raise my brothers; we were not a wealthy family. They were so proud of having a daughter that will serve as a role model to her brothers and cousins. That one news broke my parents’ heart into pieces.

I thought that was the end of everything I had wished for; a bright future, a good life and a good job. I felt hopeless. My mom won’t talk to me for days and my dad seemed like he just wasted all his efforts. I wasn’t the daughter they thought I was.

Looking back, I never realized how lucky I am. My mom and dad stood beside me, helping me get through my pregnant days. They have provided when I only had limited. They still allowed me to go to school and offered to take care of the baby. Best of all they were patient and understanding. Mothers and fathers, like every individual, are also human beings. But an extraordinary one. They can sacrifice every inch of themselves just so their children can have a good life even though you break their hearts. They are willing to help you stand even if it means collapsing on their part.  And if that isn’t true, unconditional love, I don’t know what is.

The next time you look at your parents and see only a person who hinders your happiness, maybe you should consider asking yourself how much sacrifice they are willing to take just so you can live a comfortable life.




In response to the Daily Prompt.


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