Are you exhausted of buying expensive beauty products that promises to help you keep that youthful glow? Did you ever ask yourself, which of the beauty products really has that competence to make you look ageless? Have you been depressed that maybe you’re not buying the correct product that’s why you’re not having your desired results?

I have.

Amidst all of the beautiful ladies posting their selfies on social media, I was there on my safe corner, eating junk foods, contemplating how many overtime I need to do so I could buy designer beauty products to help me look fresher. It pays to have a beautiful, wrinkle free skin. And it is expensive.

I would always tell my friends, I’d rather go minimal on beauty products. Who am I kidding? I would secretly check beauty sites just so I could check if my wallet could afford throwing up hundreds of dollars so I could feed my face with vitamins, minerals and collagen. I would even look for alternative products that gives best results. Still…

In my quest for looking for that wonder treatment that would bring back my youth, I found out that nothing surpasses homemade remedies. Honey is one example of a good solution to dry skin. Use it as a mask and start to feel your skin become smooth. Wash your face with warm water and your choice of facial cleanser or soap, a mild soap is the best option. Towel it dry and put a good amount of honey on your face. Let it sit for about 15 mins. – or longer – and then rinse with cold water. You already know the wonders of warm and cold water, right? Towel dry your face and spray rose water. Let it dry by itself. This will give your face a beautiful glow.

Tomato and sugar make a good combination for exfoliating your skin. Slice the head of the tomato and dip it in sugar, rub gently on your face. Leave it for about 15 mins – or longer – until you can feel your face stretch. Rinse with cold water, towel dry and spray with rose water.

Almond oil makes a good make up remover and a good moisturizer for dry face. Your skin will absorb the almond oil faster.

Lemon is great in whitening your skin, it helps even out your skin tone.

I could go on with this forever but the real secret in maintaining your youthful glow is, are you ready, a positive attitude. Remember what that blog told you about how happiness can rejuvenate your skin from within?

At times when you’re having a bad day and you think that you’re the worst person there is, please remember this mantra, “fake it ’till you make it”. Force a smile and feed yourself happy thoughts. After all, there’s nothing to lose if you do. Nothing beats natural beauty.


In response to the Daily Prompt.


2 thoughts on “Natural

  1. Being yourself is always the best option, after all that is why we are all unique in our own special ways 🙂 Although I prefer that we do not need to hide behind a mask, it is indeed true that there are times where we need to put on a smile, in fact it helps brighten up my own day 🙂


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