The Ghost Girl

I hope you be the companion you expect other people to be towards you.

You never really saw her

Cause if you did

You would realize that her eyes were a little puffy

She wasn’t day dreaming

Her eyes were hazy not because her mind was in

Another world

That wasn’t calm you saw in her face

It was loneliness.


You never really saw her

Cause if you did

You would see that she had

A little bruise below her eyes

She must have wiped her tears too much.

It wasn’t her pink liner that gave that

Faint color

It was a wound.


You never really saw her

Cause if you did

You would make out the words

That she just said

That goodbye didn’t mean

See you later.

It actually meant

See you never.


You never really saw her

Because you were busy

Sweeping your eyes past her

While she looks at you with love

While she spoke to you with tenderness


Now you weep because she’s gone.



In response to the DAILY PROMPT.


Sure There Will Be

Winter shills

Freezing nights

You look around

Nobody is in sight


Tears well up

Sobs build up

You call his name

He’s nowhere to find


Silent weeps

Heavy eyes

You surrender

To the night


No my darling

Don’t give in

To the fears

There’s always light.


Walk away

From the scare

Just look up

To the sun rays


There’s always somebody

To reach out to

The rainbow’s looking

After you.


Untitled 5

“I just can’t stand a relationship without romance.” Aiza


I want a love that consumes all the happiness I have,

Not just the ones that overflows.

A love crazy enough to have me writing poems, sing in the shower, dance while I cook, stick love notes, and hang candid pictures.

A love that inspires.

A love that hungers for each others happiness.

A love that radiates.


I want a love that hungers for more love.

A love that aches, so that I may be able to understand a greater form of love.

A love that feels like a nice cup of coffee, the first taste of a cheesecake.

The love that feels like a sip of an ice cold soda on a scorching hot day.


I want a love that drives me into loving others.

The love that desires to be felt and be given.

A love that excites, full of enthusiasm, of desire, of passion.

I want a love that feels like cuddles, of first kisses, of that look whenever im not looking.

I want a love that cares. The one that gives rather than receives.



I want a love that hums of my favorite song.

The one that tickles.

The one that bleeds.

The one that never ceases.


But most of all I want a love that helps me grow.

A love that aids me into loving myself and loving life.

A love that relieves, a love that endures.

A love that’s unconditional.


Untitled 4

For a man who has stepped foot on the earth for over three decades, you have not grown

For if you did, you should have understood what was right from what was wrong

You should’ve identified what is and what isn’t

What should’ve and what could’ve


For a man who has taken breath for over a million times, you have not grown

For if you did you should’ve understood the important to what’s trivial

What’s leaving and what’s left

What’s changing and what has changed


For man whose heart had beaten for a gazillion times, who the hell has grown?

For I know not a man who has the knowledge to distinguish right from wrong

Who knows the trivial from reality

Nor who’s leaving or what’s changing

For what was left or what’s becoming


For each soul is his different.

And each is its own,

Has its own.